Alina Ushcheka

Alina Ushcheka


Travelling alone around the world, meeting people from different cultures and going to particularly remote places from civilization, all of this offers inspiration and a new perspective on many everyday things. In a mountain village hidden from hiking in the Himalayas, in an African settlement, in the wild places of Kamchatka in Alaska, during my journey around the world I have experienced many beauties and uniqueness on my own, not only nature and mountains, but also ordinary people.

I am glad that my photographs have been recognized internationally and that exhibitions have been held. But it makes me even happier when photographs can bring an element of novelty into the space of people’s homes, decorating them or reminding people of their dreams.

Photographs printed on canvas, or on 60×90 paper (usually this size has been in all my exhibitions) come alive and transfers you to another space. Let your home be filled with beauty.

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