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Got some IKEA frames lying around? Or are you looking to buy some on your next trip? This nine-print set is designed to fit into a variety of popular IKEA frames making it perfect for decorating any bare wall in your home.

The Mini Artist consists of 9 prints total, 3 large prints sized 50x70cm, 3 medium prints sized 40x50cm, and 3 small prints sized 30x40cm.

The large prints are vertical (Width: 70cm, Height: 50cm), the medium prints are horizontal (Width: 40cm, Height: 50cm), and the small prints are vertical (Width: 30cm, Height: 40cm). Please make sure your photos correspond this positioning.

Border: Choose if you wish to print your images with a white border around the image.

Paper: Semi-Matte Satin (240g) paper.

The prints DO NOT come with the recommended Ikea frames.

Below is the full list of IKEA frames that suit this print set:

For the large prints: * FISKBO 50x70cm * RIBBA 50x70cm * LOMVIKEN 50x70cm * KNOPPÄNG 50x70cm * HOVSTA 50x70cm * EDSBRUK 50x70cm * RAMSBORG 50x70cm * DALSKÄRR 50x70cm * SILVERHÖJDEN 50x70cm

For the medium prints: * FISKBO 40x50cm * LOMVIKEN 40x50cm * RIBBA 40x50cm * KNOPPÄNG 40x50cm * LOMVIKEN 40x50cm * EDSBRUK 40x50cm * HOVSTA 40x50cm * RAMSBORG 40x50cm * SILVERHÖJDEN 40x50cm

For the small prints: * FISKBO 30x40cm * RIBBA 30x40cm * LOMVIKEN 30x40cm * KNOPP 30x40cm * KNOPPÄNG 30x40cm * HOVSTA 30x40cm * EDSBRUK 30x40cm * DALSKÄRR 30x40cm * SILVERHÖJDEN 30x40cm * VIRSERUM 30x40cm * HIMMELSBY 30x40cm